2 years on and is Paul Pogba worth the extraordinary transfer fee?

The summer transfer window has come to an end and the transfer market is already flooded with new players. The main transfer that has happened is the acquisition of the French midfielder Paul Pogbao. The player has already become a new sensation for Manchester United.

The transfer was a great success for the Red Devils. The club managed to get a player who is able to provide a variety of attacking options to the team. The signing of Pogba is a good decision for the club, because he is able not only to provide an attacking option, but also to create a stable defense.
The player is able, in fact, to play as a defender or a midfielder. He is able also to play in the attack, but this is not his main task. Pogba has a good understanding with the team leaders, and this is the main advantage of the player.
This summer, the club has managed to add a number of new players who have already become important for the team, and the results have already begun to show. The team is now able to fight for the title.
What are the main advantages of the signing of the Frenchman?
The main advantage that Manchester United has over its competitors is the fact that it has a number one star in its lineup. The Red Devils have been able to get such a player thanks to the fact they have managed to make a good transfer deal.
However, the main thing is that the club is able now to fight against the teams that are weaker than it. Manchester United is a club that is able win the title, and it is able fight against its rivals.
In the last season, the team managed to fight with Liverpool and Chelsea. This is a clear proof that the team is able and ready to compete against the best teams in the world.
Will the team be able to repeat its success in the next season?
It is very difficult to say for sure, because the team has a lot of problems that are not yet solved. However, the signing a new star player is a positive thing for the Manchester United, because it is now possible to fight even against the strongest teams.
You can always follow the team’s performance on the website of sports statistics, which offers only reliable information.
Main Transfer of the Season
The season has already ended, but the transfer of the summer has already shown its results. The transfer of Pogbau was a good one, because now the club can fight for a place in the Champions League zone.
It was a very busy transfer market, and many clubs managed to sign players. However the main transfer of this summer was the acquisition by Manchester United of the Spanish midfielder Paul.
Pogba is able for the first time in his career to play on the same field as the team leader. This has already helped the team to fight in the fight for gold medals.
At the same time, the player has become a sensation in the club. The fact that the player managed to become a star in the first team is a great achievement for the player, because this is a very important step for him.
There are many reasons for the success of the club in the transfer window. The first of them is the transfer that was made. The second is the work of the coaching staff, which has managed, despite the fact the team had problems, to find a solution to the problems of the team in the last campaign.
All this has allowed the club to fight successfully for the championship.
How the team will fight for silver medals?
In this season, Manchester United will have to fight not only against the main clubs, but against other teams as well. The last season was a real struggle for gold, and now the team can only hope for a successful result.
One of the main problems of Manchester United was the fact it was not able to find the right balance between the defense and the attack. This was the main reason for the fact, despite all the problems, the Red devils managed to win the championship title.
However the club still has a long way to go before it will be able win a trophy. The players have to find their game, and they have to do it not only in the matches against the top clubs, which is the most likely, but they also have to be able fight for their positions in the team and for the gold medals in the long tournament distance.
Do not forget that the season is still far from the finish line, and there is still a long distance to go. It is also very difficult for Manchester City to catch up with the Red and Blue, but it is still possible.
Manchester United’ Transfer Prospects
The team is very confident of winning the championship, but there are still a lot to do, and its transfer prospects are very good.
Among the main transfers of the season, there is the one of Pogbe. The Frenchman is able at the moment to provide the team with a variety and stability of options.
Also, the transfer has already started to show its results, and Pogba’ transfer has helped the club win the fight against Liverpool.
Now, the players are able to play not only on the field, but to do their best in the domestic championship. This will allow them to fight and win the gold medal.

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