Douglas Costa’s move to Juventus on ice?

The transfer of Douglas Costa from Liverpool to Juventus has been rumoured for a long time. The player, who is considered as one of the main stars of the current season, was sold to the Bianco-Neri for a huge sum.
The club has been in the Champions League for a few seasons now and, so far, it has not managed to get into the zone of the elite. This is the reason why the club has started to look for a new striker.
However, the transfer of the player from Liverpool is not the only one. Juventus is also interested in the signing of the Brazilian striker, who has already played for the club for a couple of years.

The player, whose name is Douglas Costa, is a very talented player. He is able to score a lot of goals, which is an advantage over other strikers. He also has a good technique and is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them among the forwards.
This is what makes him an excellent option for the team, which needs to be strengthened. The club has a number of players who can replace the player, such as:
* Ciro Immobile;
* Giorgio Chiellini;
* Danilo.
These are the main strikers of the club, who are able to replace the Brazilian player.
It is worth noting that the transfer has already been confirmed by the club. The transfer of Costa will be a good opportunity for the Bianconeri to strengthen their lineup and get into a higher position in the league table.
Will the transfer be successful?
The Bianconeros have a number one striker in the form of Giorgos Karagounis. The team has already signed him, however, the club is still searching for a number two.
In addition, the team has a lot to improve, because the club needs to do a lot more to get to the top of the standings.
One of the most important problems of the team is the lack of a number three. The Bianconero has a very good lineup, which allows the club to play in a number 1 position.
Another problem of the squad is the failure to score many goals. The problem is not only the lack in the number of goals scored, but the lack also in the effectiveness of the attack.
Many teams have problems with this, but Juventus has a special place in them. The main reason for this is the fact that the team plays in the Serie A. This allows the team to demonstrate its maximum in the field.
As a result, the Biancons are able not to miss a single match and to demonstrate their maximum in every match.
Therefore, the lack on goals scored can be attributed to a number or other reasons. The lack of goals is a problem that the club will have to solve, because it is a real problem for the squad.
What are the advantages of signing Douglas Costa?
In order to understand the advantages that the player can bring to the team and how this will affect the results of the game, it is necessary to understand how the club plays.
Juventus has a great number of attacking players, who can be replaced by Costa. The Brazilian player is able, in particular, to distribute the ball to the forwards and to create a number 3 position for the coach.
Moreover, the player has a high level of technical skills. He can also score goals.
All this makes the player a good option for Juventus, which has a serious need for strengthening its lineup.
Who is the most likely to replace Costa in the lineup?
It has been confirmed that the most obvious player to replace Douglas Costa is Danilo, who scored a number 2 position for Juventus. The other players who have been mentioned as possible candidates for the position include:
1. Giorgian De Luca;
2. Graziano Di Giacomo;
3. Danilo;
4. Ciro Caputo.
Of course, it will be very difficult to find a number 4. However, the players mentioned above are able, together with the player Costa, to play a number 5 position. This will allow the club not to lose points and to be able to compete with the leaders.
Thus, the signing Costa will allow Juventus to strengthen the lineup and to get closer to the leaders of the championship.
How will the transfer affect the team’s results?
Now, it can be said with certainty that the signing will be successful. The players have already played together for a short time. This means that they know each other well.
Also, the fact of the transfer is a good chance for the player to get a new challenge. The new challenge is the one of leading the team in the Italian championship. This can be a real opportunity to get some money and to leave the Serie B.
At the moment, the chances of the Bianconi are good. The reason for the success of the coach is the good lineup. The coach has a large number of options, which allow him to choose the most appropriate one for the game.
There is a high probability that the coach will choose Costa. This decision will be the right one, because he has a positive influence on the results.

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